Kindness To Strangers: 3 Ways To Go Out of Your Way

“Wherever there s a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” It does not matter whether it is a sibling or stranger, friend or foe. Unfortunately, many are kinder to animals, and even inanimate things, than to a person.

That is not the way to live.

In this post, I share three ways you can go out of your way to be kind to strangers you meet every day.

Everyday opportunities to act kindly abound. To recognise and take these opportunities you must see that every meeting with a person, familiar or stranger, whether by design or chance, is an occasion to show kindness.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca’s quote above could not be more apt.

For many, myself included, it is easier and natural to do a kind act for family and friends, than to show kindness to that person we meet randomly as we bustle through the day.

Here are three ways you can show kindness to strangers.

1. Stop to ask to give a ride.

On your way to and from work, you can stop to ask people waiting by the road for public transport for anyone going your way. You don’t have to wait to be stopped. Particularly, I look out for the elderly, school children, women carrying babies and anyone with heavy items to carry. It does not matter whether the person(s) can afford the transport fare or not. But I do this when I know I have enough time to arrive work or wherever I am going on time.

2. Give a ride to the person’s destination.

If you can help it go the extra mile to drop the person you gave a ride to at his/ her destination. Trust me you are not going too far. There are times when I have taken people to their destinations. Mostly, their destination is not too far from mine or a little out of my way. A couple of times it was way out of my way.

3. Pay the transport fare.

I have been a beneficiary of this gesture twice. One time I left my wallet at home, and only realised it when I was asked to pay my bus fare. A guy overheard me when I was sharing my plight over the phone with a friend. Graciously, he paid my fare. I have had the priviledge to extend the same gesture to others. Sometimes, it’s a similar situation like mine. Other times it is an individual asking for a discounted transport fare or help (from the public transport driver or the conductor) because he/ she does not have enough or a kobo at that moment.

Being kind to strangers does not come easy. I struggle. Most times it is not convenient.

Being kind is not without bad experiences. I have been ignored when I stopped to ask to give a ride (some find it unusual or suspect); or been late for work or an appointment due to heavy traffic on the route to a stranger’s destination.

Notwithstanding, being kind is always worth it.

Every day, look out for ways you can help to make another’s day somewhat better. It is one way you can make the most of your day.

What tips for showing kindness to a total stranger would you add? Leave a comment.

Muse-worthy Quote: For Love

If you must be different let love distinguish you. – Jenom Makama

The Difference Maker

There is always a reason we do the things we do. There are as many reasons as there are people. Motivations for our decisions and actions are as varied as we are. But what makes one reason right and the other wrong?

The task may be menial,
and seem unimportant.
The gesture may be trivial
and insignificant.
Provided it is done in love,
It’s the wisest investment;
Based on the greatest commandment –
Birth in us from above.

Today, whoever you are, or aspire to be, let love form your character; Everyday, whatever you do, let love be your motive; wherever you are or plan to go, let love chart your course. Always.

Love will cause you to make unpopular choices. Yes, difficult choices. Nevertheless, let love distinguish you.

Love is the difference maker.

What are some motivations for the decisions we make everyday? Please share.