My Good Reads of 2017


In 2017, goaded by Joseph Brodsky, who is of the opinion that not reading books is a worse crime than burning them, I made a commitment to read 24 books this year; two books every month. I didn’t reach this goal. I think I read fifteen books. The sixteenth was 40% devoured when the year closed.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent


The statement ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is familiar.

But recently a friend shared an incident with me which made me consider the flip side of the statement.

A few months ago he went to pay the school fees of his kids. In the process of making the payment into the school’s bank account he discovered the arithmetic on the bill is incorrect. The total amount was several thousand naira less than what he should actually pay. Continue reading “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

Inauthentic Blogger


I am inauthentic.

It is not a proud statement to make. But it is true.

How is it that a blog which is a platform for ‘inspiring authentic living’ among millennials, has an author who is not authentic At least as far as blogging is concerned.

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