Listen, Between the Lines

‘Soft words break the bone’. I always recall with clarity, the day I experienced the truth of this statement, by the Jewish monarch Solomon. It was a few minutes past 10 PM, when my wife stepped into the living room where I was working on my laptop. ’After we said goodnight to each other, she asked,

‘Gem, when are you coming to bed? ‘By midnight I answered.’

She took my right hand in both of hers. Thinking she was about to complain about my habit of turning in late, I steeled myself for a defense. (We have argued about this many times.

Instead, she looked at me wistfully and said in a gentle voice,

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Time Flies

It’s July already!

January was just yesterday. Time flies.

In retrospect, I am reminded of how with our choices, we use or abuse this indispensable gift, time.

With the poem below, I describe my life at different times. Like day and night, I have experienced both parts of the poem repeatedly.

My resolve is to live out the second part, consistently.


Tick, tock, tick, tock…

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Desires of A Father

I am a father again! I am so thrilled, yet terrified.

Thrilled at the miracle and wonder of conception, pregnancy and childbirth; terrified at the responsibility of being father to four children.

This mix of opposite emotions plagued me thirty seven days ago as I held our fourth child in my arms. Once again the possibility that I may fail as a father filled me with dread.

Will I succeed at parenting?

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