5 Reasons Why I Love My WIfe


A wise man with unequalled inspiration once said, “Find a good spouse, you find a good life – and even more: the favor of God.” Proverbs 18:22 (MSG)

Fortunately, I found a wife. (Being a wife is much more than being married)

Here are top five reasons why I love my wife.

  • She loves God more than she loves me. While I was single, I earnestly prayed for a wife whose love for God would supersede her love for me. We both understand that the deeper in love with God she is, the deeper in love with me she will be.
  • She is magnanimous. I fancy myself a giver. But my wife has encouraged me to be more generous. I cannot imagine how tough and stifling it would have been, for me, if I have to cajole her to give a gift (cash or kind) or open our home to others, even total strangers. Her kindness is so sacrificial and touching.
  • She loves my parents, siblings and relatives. My family have taken a strong liking to Njeb. This is chiefly because she has accepted them without reservation. As a result there is a growing fondness between my mum and her, which thrills me. This is another fulfilled desire  for me. Her in-laws ain’t perfect, yet she loves them so.
  • She is wise and respectful. Oh how I would have messed up were it not for her wise counsel and caution. She acknowledges that her Prince Charming is not ‘Wise King Solomon’, yet she is full of respect for me. Njeb makes it absolutely unnecessary for me to assert myself as the leader of our home – my responsibility as a leader is made bearable by her.
  • She cooks delicious meals. This would have to make the list because I love food. I love to eat good food. Mercifully, God blessed me with a wife that cooks very well. It is a surprise that I still have the discipline to fast.

Oh I am so proud to be married to my wife. I am so blessed to be her husband!

I am not self-deluded to think or believe that Njeb is perfect. She’s got her weaknesses, just like me and everyone else. But in spite of them, she is on her way to becoming the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31.

I found my wife. I will keep her for life. Finders keepers!

Why do you love your spouse? If you are married what do you desire in your future spouse (unless if you do not plan to be married).

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