Desires of A Dad To-Be

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In about four weeks I will be a father! I am so ecstatic!

Fatherhood is an opportunity and privilege to demonstrate a semblance of God’s love for me to my children. On the other hand, the thought of becoming a father in today’s increasing secular culture is sobering, if not scary. I agree with Josh McDowell’s explanation in his book, ‘The Father Connection’ that though being a father is the most important and most rewarding job in the world. it is the most frightening!This is one area I have to finish strong!

My desire is to be the kind of father:

1.   Who takes a cue from God, the model Father, to demonstrate a semblance of the unconditional love and acceptance God shows me.
2.   Who, besides God, is the greatest influence on the lives of my children, especially on matters of spirituality and sexuality.
3.   Whose love, care and respect for his wife is so admirable that my daughters will desire to marry someone like their dad, and my sons will resolve to treat their wives likewise.
4.   Who is so connected to his children that they are his best friends i.e after my wife, Njeb. And is involved in the life of his children’s friends.
5.   Whose children boldly and unapologetically say no to anything that is against God’s will.
6.   Whose children are able to make choices, not influenced by their peers or informed by the media, but based on deep convictions informed by the Bible.

These, you may say are the wishful thoughts of an inexperienced father. I am not disregarding the reality that parenting is tough, but I believe it is possible to achieve the above, and much more. As long as the ‘Father Connection’ between God and myself is intact, I can, and will become the greatest human influence in the lives of my children, to the glory of God, the model Father.

What is your desire/ goal (as a man), or your desire/goal for your husband, regarding fatherhood?


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