Life, Death, Life

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Last week, my colleagues and I took a Personal Spiritual Development course organised by our leadership as part of implementing our staff development plan. During one of the sessions, I learnt that at birth, every child is dead! We all enter the world ‘dead on arrival!’. Death here means separation from God.

This reminder jolted me, and brought to my memory of a poem I wrote eight years ago.

The utterance, the manifest, the creation;

The dust, the breathe, the man;

The aloneness, the boredom, the drudgery;

The slumber, the rib, the helper.

And life was good!

The serpent, the guile, the quiz;

The fruit, the lie, the scheme;

The sight, the pleasure, the appeal;

The command, the breach, my shame.

Then I died!

The fall, the blame, the exit;

The curse, the toil, the pain;

The law, the altar, the failure;

The cross, the blood, His grace

Now I live!

What does Jesus Christ’s redemptive work mean to you?


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