Guilt: A Hip-Hop Artist’s Response

He knew deep-seated guilt, bubbling from a wrong he did. He Ignored his feelings, thought up a convenient solution, and stacked another wrong – abortion on fornication. He is Grammy Award winning Christian Rap Artist Lecrae Moore.

This is a follow up post to Guilt Trip, where I talked about the feeling of guilt, its blessings  and how we erroneously respond to it. Read it here.

Lecrae’s story, unlike Adam & Eve, and Judas Iscariot’s, is one that shows the immeasurable benefits of allowing guilt lead you to honesty and confession, which births healing. He lived a life of sex and drugs, got his girlfriend pregnant, they committed an abortion; he needlessly, suppressed the guilt for years, but eventually changed course, and chose to tread the path of confession.

Today Lecrae is the better for it. Through his story, which he told in his song, Good, Bad, Ugly (Anomaly Album, 2014) (Watch it below),

and a recent interview with John Piper and John Ensor, (Watch it below),

he has set an example for young people to quit being self-serving and embrace the freedom and peace that comes from confession. John Ensor commented on the song, Good, Bad, Ugly, saying, ‘…this song is a powerful testimony of the outworking of God’s grace’.

From the interview (read the transcript), Lecrae’s last words were, ‘…my prayer is that people will find healing…not be ashamed…will know that confession is not the end of the world and it actually brings healing.’

These are words of wisdom from experience. Heed them!

Remember, ‘If you confess your sins, He [Jesus Christ] is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse from all unrighteousness.’ (Emphasis mine)

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