A few days ago, I learnt a literary (poetry) form called Limerick.

According to Wikipedia, it is a five-line poem with a strict rhyme scheme. I applied this poetry form to a piece I started four days ago. It is a Limerick, though not in the strict sense of the form; Limericks are sometimes obscene with humorous intent, but this one is clean with serious intent.

Here goes.

I love to travel.
To meet people, experience cultures and see sights that dazzle.
But I wish not to sit, in motion, hour after hour,
Covering long distances to places I desire to tour.
Yet to the idea of a trip, I always am agreeable.

How obvious it is, from history –
No good thing comes easy.
Every single battle won,
Not excepting all the exploits done,
Were wrought by wills bolstered by bravery.

Expect the ugly, the good and bad;
Accept that you’ll be joyful, at other times sad.
Even if you’re a man-about-town,
Beware, life’s pleasures will let you down.
No matter what happens, be glad!

Life’s experiences are always checkered,
Your bread will not always be buttered.
Yet you can truly be joyful,
And surely life can be meaningful,
For a life to Jesus surrendered.

I am grateful to WordPress’ Blogging U poetry course, Writing 201, where I learnt about Limerick.

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6 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hello Miss Eagle. Thank you for stopping by long enough to make a comment. I checked out the blog whose link you mentioned. I like the Limericks I read there (I am following Prof. Albrecht’s blog). Coincidentally, I am an Accountant, so the mention of Accounting and Limericks grabbed my attention. Thank you!


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