Just A Lump of Clay

This post appeared earlier on a former blog of mine, on Blogger, with the title, Clay Prayer’
My earnest prayer and lifelong desire is expressed in this poem.

Photo Credit: Dani Sardà i Lizaran

Dear Potter,
I acknowledge today.
I am, an ordinary lump of clay.
Take me in your hands, I pray,
For there I’m willing to stay,
or sin my life will slay.

Loving Potter,
Mould me everyday.
Help keep sin at bay,
Because my life it will fray.
No longer do I want to stray,
doing what I may.

Merciful Potter,
Your grace on me do spray.
For I long to live your way,
And be fulfilled when am gray.
So when I die someday,
I won’t be a castaway.

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