Rare, Yet Available

Gods Love
Photo Credit: Rediscovering the Journey

This is about the love that is all-inclusive and inexplicable.

So rare, none but you offer it;
Yet available, whoever seeks it, finds it.
Your invite is to all and sundry;
The rich & poor, ‘rested’ & weary.

You call in love, not for a spree,
But to give life that’s abundant and free.
Oh such amazing grace!
Extended to every tribe and race.

You, so high and holy
Chose to love me a sinner so unworthy.
In my stead you did the suffering,
Giving yourself up as a fragrant offering.

No longer am I ridden with guilt,
‘Cos I’ve been stripped of my filth.
What a glorious identity,
Clothed with a new personality!

Thank you Jesus, for the love,
You poured, by the Spirit, from heaven above.
So rare, none can offer it;
Yet available, everyone can seek and find it!

This love is made available to all through the ultimate sacrifice of Christ Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

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