The trusted no longer trustworthy,
Integrity is enveloped by smooth-talking.
Values, unashamedly compromised.
Without qualms
‘Pearls are thrown to pigs’.
Love, once true and virtuous,
Now so cruel and tortuous.
Uncertainty veils everything!
Selflessness wanes, selfishness reigns.
So obsessed with success and man’s recognition,
We trade in our birth rights
With no scruples about the damaging, far-reaching cost –
Priceless bequests, irredeemable opportunities lost.
Our consciences are so dulled,
When guilt comes charging with fists balled
The effect is like water off a duck’s back.

Yet the righteous are undaunted –
Stabile, held fast,
With convictions tethered to the Truth,
Jesus, who is the same
Yesterday, today and forever!

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