The Crime That’s Worse Than Book-burning

I love to read! Everyone who knows me fairly well can tell I am a bookworm. I cannot imagine a world without books. Fortunately, God blessed me with a wife who also loves to read. I have to always remind myself not to perceive people who do not have a fondness for reading as queer.

Recently, I stumbled upon a quote by Joseph Brodsky, the gifted Russian-American poet and essayist, who became the 84th Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1987, which seriously jolted me: He said,

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.!

Why should I be so affected by this statement, since I am fond of books and reading?

You see Brodsky’s statement reminds me of the unread books on my shelf (Even though my love for books is intact my reading has dipped, over time). And, book burning, besides being an old ritual of irreplaceably destroying written material, can be a way of expressing contempt for an author or a book’s contents.

With the growing demand on my time at home and work creating time to read has been tough. At the beginning of the year I planned to read two books each month. It’s December and I only just finished my 12th book for the year!

Some days twenty four hours seem so insufficient; I wish I can still time, get things done then let the ticking resume. In spite of the challenge of time, I  am determined to read as much as I can.

Failure or refusing to read may not be a crime punishable by law. But I believe ‘readers are leaders’. The extent of an individual’s influence depends on how much and how wide he/ she reads.

Michael Hyatt, a bestselling author and leader I respect is of the opinion that,

A readership crisis is a leadership crisis.

I completely agree. Do not add to the crisis. Crack open a book, and make yourself more likely to lead; to exert influence. You will be the better for it.

Discover the benefits of reading in these two articles. You will be surprised:

How often do you read? Write comments below.

5 thoughts on “The Crime That’s Worse Than Book-burning

  1. I planned seriously and even added enough books to my shelf, but I have failed to meet up. this is encouraging and triggering for me, Mafeng pyak (thanks a lot)

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  2. Hi Maf! I’m pleased to know you find this piece encouraging. You can set aside some time (as little as 3o mins) daily to read. In this kind of dilemma it’s not how much you read, but your discipline and consistency in observing your reading time. It works for me. Try it. Cheers.


  3. Wow! That’s great Gracie. Currently, I can only reminisce about when I read that much. I really appreciate you stopping by. Thanks a bunch.


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