Caught Up In Traffic


This post is the write-up of Fwangshak Fwangkat, a promising young guy, who I consider a friend and brother. He wrote this piece for me over two years ago. I share it with you today.





Ever been caught up in traffic? Not a pleasant experience.

What did you observe? Noticed anything about the movement in a traffic?

Your movement depends on the car before you! If it doesn’t move, you can’t move. The movement of the car before you permits you to move – it creates the space necessary for you to move.

We are all caught up in the traffic of life. Your failure, inability or refusal to move keeps others from moving. As you move, you create the space for me to move. As you move, you give me permission to move.

Destinies are connected to you!

If you don’t move others may never move.
Don’t keep others in the traffic!
Keep moving!

A penny for your thought. What's your take on this?

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