Christians Are Empty Vessels: Two Reasons Why

‘Empty vessels make the most noise.’

Way back in primary school, this statement was popular. To quell noisemaking in class all a teacher needed to do was quote it. It was effective. Since it implied anyone referred to as an empty vessel is a dullard. Nobody, the boys particularly, liked to be called a dullard in class.

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It is true that some people who make too much noise about a thing are usually not knowledgeable about it. Here’s another perspective.

Christians are empty vessels.

Why you may ask (that is if you are not put off already by my seemingly anti-Christian statement). I say this because:

  •  You have to be empty to be filled. Empty of sin and selfishness. You have to give up your grand agenda and that well thought-out plan. Substitute it with God’s gracious and wonderful plan for your life. Empty yourself of YOU, and be filled with God’s spirit. Do you know that He gives the best to those  who live the option to Him. God requires empty vessels to pour His fullness into. Not the way water is poured into, and fills a cup. But just as wind fills the sails of a boat and moves the boat in its direction.
    This kind of emptiness is great! It precedes the incomparable fullness that is found nowhere else.
  • You must keep your faith, but not to yourself. Wind-filled sails move a boat in the direction of the wind. You cannot be filled with the God’s spirit and remain in a state of inertia. Anyone who has experienced the rich fullness that comes from God cannot help but be ‘loud’ about it. The bubbly fullness produced in a life of emptiness from sin, through humility and consistent repentance, should  not be bottled up. Let it out!  Heed the words of the Psalmist, ‘All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how he freed you…’ Psalm 107:2 (The Message)

Sadly, today’s Christian is ‘too quiet.’ Our silence is like having the cure for a deadly disease like HIV/ AIDS and keeping mum about it, while the scourge of the disease rages on. We have allowed the society we live in to box us in. We are becoming increasingly content with being told how to live out our faith. Or worse still, not to live it out at all.

Break out of that mold. Don’t be timid. The righteous are as bold as a lion. Talk about your emptiness and the fullness you enjoy as a result, to as many who care to listen (Don’t you ever think everyone will listen and give you a thumbs up). Do it with the utmost courtesy and respect. Just like a flower, as you unfold your petals to soak up the light salvation coming from God’s Son, broadcast your fragrance and pollen to bless and multiply.

Do you want to have incomparable fullness? Click HERE
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Have you ever faced the dilemma of living out or talking about your faith? How did you handle it?
Kindly leave your comment below.

I love the way Lecrae addresses this issue in his song with Mali Music,  Tell the World:

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