Men Underailed


Despite the wiles, in spite of the guile,
They remain immuned.
Unwavering in faith, unswerving in trust,
They are undaunted.
No compromise, not even small concessions,
They are men, underailed.

“Jenom can you write a six-line poem with the title, ‘Men Underailed’?” My friend Maggie asked. She wanted me to submit an entry in a poetry contest. The above poem was written in assent to her insistent request.

Thanks to Magdalene Warikam. The poem she made me write years ago inspired this blog post.

As I wrote the poem, this is what I visualized,

Young men…

  • …who are in a consistently growing relationship with Jesus.
  • …completely obedient and unreservedly committed to God and His word.
  • …whose choices and decisions are always informed by the timeless principles found in the Scriptures – they see the Bible as relevant today, as it was when it was written.
  • …who are unequivocal about who ( Jesus Christ) , and what (Jesus being the exclusive way to God) they believe. For them truth is absolute, not relative.
  • who value character over and above competence, wealth and fame
  • …who whether single or married, are for purity and fidelity. They are promise keepers.
  • …who are passionate about raising children and mentoring young people who fit the above description.

Such men, whether young or old can never be derailed – they finish strong.

These are the kind of people I want to hang out with. They are the cool crowd. Such men I  choose to strive with. What they stand, and die for, makes them unpopular, yet they are the ‘in crowd.’

I resolve daily to be such a man..

What will you add to this description of men who cannot be derailed?

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