Identity: Nuggets From A Rap Icon


‘Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.’

I wish this statement is not true. Unfortunately, Oscar Wilde is unarguably correct.

Today thousands, if not millions, of people are left confused and dissatisfied in the wake of  a deluge of information, or misinformation. Constantly, we are flooded with mixed signals, which are impossible to miss or avoid, about our identity.

Conversely, let me tell you what identity really is.

To do this, I will like to employ the words of one rapper I respect, Lecrae Moore. This is one dude who lives out his Christian faith and values unashamedly. In spite of his huge success he did not lose his identity, as many in his niche are wont to do. Admirably, he keeps living out the fact that true significance is beyond the physical trappings of life; beyond glitz, glamour and swag.

Embedded in his 2008 rap song, Identity, if you listen beyond the beats and mastery of rap, are priceless nuggets of ‘Identity truths’. I hope to unearth them.

  • You are not what you wear or how you look:  Your looks, physique, or appearance may check out; the person you see in the mirror may be pleasing to you. Don’t be fooled! All these is just a veneer to cover your insecurity.
  • You are not what people say: The review of people about you maybe favourable; you may ride high on the waves popular opinion. Beware! You may find yourself struggling, constantly, to fit into people’s mold. I bet you, you can’t keep up. Eventually, you will hate the person you become.
  • You are not your success: The record you make today will either be duplicated or surpassed by another tomorrow. Remember the Olympics. How do you then view yourself? Be wise! Do not define yourself by your achievements. No matter how huge and unprecedented. It is only a matter of time.
  • You are who God says you are: A product gets it’s identity or branding from its manufacturer. Irrespective of customer reviews, whether favourable or not.

“Identity is found in God. Any other identity will self destruct.”
– Lecrae

Guy, your worth is exceedingly more than the swag you are so bent on getting, and the impression you are dying to make on those superficial babes. Lady, your value surpasses, by far, the attention or rejection you get from those shallow dudes.

You are chosen, accepted, secure, loved. Unreservedly. By God! Here lies your identity.

3 thoughts on “Identity: Nuggets From A Rap Icon

  1. We should always get our Identity from God’s word. This song has stayed with me for over 5 years. Thanks for this reminder.


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