Living Life Forward!


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Last week I made a post in which I attempted to elucidate Soren Kierkegaard’s statement:  You can read it. Click here!

This is a sequel to it.

Kierkegaard’s summation about life infers that it’s okay to revisit the past, for therein lies understanding. But don’t get stuck with it, move past it!

Do not reminisce. Instead retrospect. The former only makes you recollect and relive the past hurts. The latter helps to review the experience, draw meaning and glean lessons.

I like an analogy of driving Joel Osteen, the famed Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, used when he was speaking about dealing with the past.

He explained: In driving, for visibility, you have a large windscreen before you and three mirrors, two on your left and right, and another overhead. Though you refer (with cursory glances) to the mirrors to see what’s behind, most of your time is spent looking ahead through your windscreen to keep moving on. Undue focus on the mirrors slows you down and eventually stifles forward progress. You have large windscreens and comparably, very small mirrors because you should spend more time looking ahead and less time looking back.

As you drive through life, dwelling in the past can be injurious to you, and those around you. Too much focus on the mirrors, while neglecting your windscreen will eventually lead to a crash, damaging your life and the lives of others.

Do not get stuck with your past – give up the hate, anger & bitterness, unforgiveness, hurt and disappointments etc.

Life…must be lived forwards! It is possible to move on!

There is someone I know personally. He alone can help you. He is able and willing to help you deal with your past, no matter how terrible or hurtful it is, and live life forwards. He gives the best to those who leave the option to him.

Let me introduce you to him. Click here!

How have you dealt with past hurts and disappointments?

A penny for your thought. What's your take on this?

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