Inauthentic Blogger


I am inauthentic.

It is not a proud statement to make. But it is true.

How is it that a blog which is a platform for ‘inspiring authentic living’ among millennials, has an author who is not authentic At least as far as blogging is concerned.

Living in times where there is a growing dearth of ethics and morality, any effort to challenge, inspire and encourage integrity and authenticity among young people is relevant and commendable. I publicly made a commitment, on this blog, to challenge young people to live with integrity in a society without a moral compass, , through weekly posts published on Mondays.

Over time, people, like you, showed interest in my craft. You gave me permission to ‘invade’ the privacy of your inbox by giving me your email address.

But I have failed you. My blog posts have been inconsistent. I have not showed up weekly, on Mondays, as I promised. There are months that I have blogged just once. Other times not at all. I think that makes me a fraud. Anyone who does not deliver on what he/ she has promised is a fraud.

It is just like Paul said,

For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.’ (Romans 7:15)

I hate to not write.

I hate to not publish a blog post weekly, 9AM on Mondays.

I hate to not keep my promise.

If you make a promise, keep the promise. It doesn’t matter whether my subscribers are just a hundred or that I am a hobby blogger who is not making money on his blog.

I do not want to be inauthentic. I want to be faithful to my commitments and be dependable. I want to consistently post weekly on the day I promise.

To post consistently I must write consistently To write consistently I have decided to heed an expert’s advice. Jeff Goins believes if I schedule time to just write (no thinking or editing), 500 words daily, I will always have enough drafts to turn into weekly posts.

That’s what I intend to do. This discipline will make me keep my promise.

I agree with him that,

“If you write inconsistently, then your ability to master the art and skill of writing will be inconsistent at best.”

Henceforth, I will show up 10AM every Monday with my posts. I look forward to consistency in this area. I am excited about the prospect of inspiring people to live impactful and fulfilling lives by choosing to lead authentic lives.

Are you bubbling with things to say to the world but find it difficult to bring yourself to share it? Are you brimming with ideas but are having a hard time writing; whether you want to start or you desire to keep up your writing? Jeff Goins can help you build the habit of writing daily and blogging consistently.


Have you ever struggled with being consistent in something? How did you deal with it?

A penny for your thought. What's your take on this?

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