How To Catch the Unspoken

Everyday we give and receive information. Lots of them – via ads, short videos, tweets, chats, posts, books, physical interaction etc. Actually, we are bombarded with much more than we give, and we interact virtually, more than we do physically.

Today, we have traded in the present for virtual reality; we have succeeded in isolating ourselves. It is so easy for you and I to choose our screens over quality time with the people who matter the most, family and friends. We are there with them but not present.

Where we are is the place we are least likely to be.

I am struggling to not be with my phone at meal times. Most times I use it while eating – read emails and surf my social media platforms. I even play games. Word puzzles are my favorite. So when I am racking my brain to solve a puzzle my phone stays with me while I eat.

Experience has taught me that when we are with loved ones, but not present, we miss significantly – great interaction which fosters better bonding. At best, we only hear what is said. Sadly, we fail to listen enough to catch what has not been said.

You see, usually, what we hear more than meets the eyes ears. Much is left unsaid, unintentionally.

This is because we say much more with our actions (body language) than with our voice. Research has shown that over 90% of the meaning of communication comes from what was not said (non-verbal cues).

So you and I must learn to ‘listen between the lines‘.

To do that we must engage our ears, eyes and mind.

  • The ears, to receive verbal communication.
  • The eyes to pick up body language (the bulk of the information)
  • The mind to be present, engaged and process the information.

Do this and you will not fail to catch what has not been said. You will not only experience stronger bonds with family and friends, you will have more fruitful interactions in other spheres.

Though it sounds simplistic, it is easier said than done. But the effort is worth it.

Do this daily, to improve your interpersonal skills, and maintain better relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues.

To make the most of your day, be intentional, catch the unspoken. Everyday.

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