A Forgone Alternative

A few weeks ago, I had to commute to and from work via public transport for a week. The two-drop, at least 30 minutes trip (one way) is an experience I would prefer not to have, even for one week. The use of public transport is a forgone alternative for me. If I can help it.

In my part of the world it can be intolerable. The wait to get on a bus, taxi or tricycle, the unavoidable but annoying stops for a passenger to dismount or get on (bus stops are almost non-existent), the unscrupulous and unsafe driving of the bus or tricycle drivers, all combine to make the ride unpleasant, if not unsafe.

In all this, there was a silver lining. I got to do more reading that week than I usually do. In addition to my daily 30 minutes reading time, I got to read on transit.

That week, my wife and kids were away on holiday at my sister-in-law’s.

Despite the unpleasantness of such commuting I looked forward to, and enjoyed the moment when I settle in and read till I get to my stop. I relished that reading time so much that I would wish to not meet anyone I know or a chatty stranger. Reading made the ride bearable.

The convenience of eBooks also made a big difference. Though I still cherish the feel of physical books in my hands, eBooks made reading in transit that week convenient.

In reminiscence, I recall the days of hopping in and out of taxis or buses, to and from work, before our family owned a car. I enjoyed the opportunity it afforded me to keep up my reading. Despite the inconvenience of carrying a book, especially a large book, in hand, I was happy for the chance to read. Then eBooks were not common.

Today, I would prefer to drive to and from work and catch up with reading in other ways. I would rather the forgone alternative of reading on transit remain forgone. Unless I find myself in a place where public transport system is safe and convenient.

In what ways do you catch up with reading?

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2 thoughts on “A Forgone Alternative

  1. Good way to make good use of time. But when it comes to me, reading ebooks and reading in vehicles is something am still trying to learn. I prefer to listen to some good music 😊


  2. Great.
    I struggled with reading in transit as well. I may listen to music next time I’m using public transport. Thanks.


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