Rediscovering the Why of Writing

It is said knowing why is equally as important as the what. I love to write. Recently, I had to consider why.

Before now, I believed I write because I have something to say – a valuable message burns deep within which I must bring out; something worthwhile and beneficial to me, and everyone.

So I couldn’t not write.

There was this time many years ago when it never occurred to me to write. My favorite preoccupation was to read. I read everything I could lay my eyes on as long it’s got words on it: signboards, billboards, vehicles, banners, posters etc; on my way to and from school, church or errands.

In fact I stole novels from classmates to read, and covertly returned them later.

The  day came when I had a strong impression on my mind to write. All of a sudden I had things on that must be put down on paper. So I wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote.

The words flowed, non-stop it seemed. My muse was never absent. I wrote without effort. I have a couple of notebooks to show for it, filled with prose mostly, with a sprinkle of poetry. You can get a collection of some of the poems here.

I had another strong impression. This time to share my writings. With a growing sense of urgency I shared with friends, acquaintances and strangers, via notice board posts and bulk emails. I kept writing and sharing.

I was not sure most people who saw or received my work read them. If they did I couldn’t tell they found my work beneficial. So, sadly, I wrote infrequently, and stopped sharing. Except for occasional spurts of inspiration I almost stopped writing.

Then I discovered blogging. That fateful day in December of 2006, during a digital strategies conference, my love for writing got a new lease of life.

Unfortunately, blogging seemed to be tasking – images for posts, widgets, internet data etc as well as the not so user-friendly Blogger platform, were too much hassle for me. Once again motivation for writing ebbed away as the excitement of blogging waned.

That is in the past now. Today, I do very well with blogging, except for churning out regular content.

Actually, this retrospection is a bid to rediscover my writing mojo. Writing this post is to affirm the reason I write. Hopefully, now I will write daily, whether my motivation ebbs or flows.

So there you have it. I wrote because I had a message worth sharing. I write because I have a message worth sharing. Also, like Jeff Goins, I daresay I write because I am a WRITER.

One way I make the most of my day, I write for 30 minutes.

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