8 Simple Things You Can Learn To Do In A Day

Learning is a lifelong adventure. The absence of which has been equated with death. To learn is inevitable. In the sad event that one refuses to learn anything, he/ she will learn it births irrelevance.

Each day unfolds bearing opportunities to learn things: big and small, complex and simple, rare and commonplace. Sadly, as we do life we overlook the small, simple and everyday things. Yes, we look over them to focus on the big, important and consequential things.

Our lives also consist of small things or tasks which when learnt or experienced will give us benefits. The gains may not be far-reaching, but can make life more livable.

Here is a list of ten simple things you can learn in under a day.

1. Change a Tyre: You don’t have to own a car to know how to change tyres. I didn’t. Through observation, and asking questions while at it, I learnt. An hour with a vulcanizer at work will help. Then practice whenever you have the chance. Even without a flat tyre you can practice for the purpose of learning.

Blue and orange Baby diapers

2. Change a Diaper: This is not just for mothers or caregivers. Fathers can, and should, handle this shit business as well. In spite of the unwilling participant, poop smell and possible pee spray, this is one simple task that when learnt can help fathers score points with your wife. Babysitting will be less of a ‘nightmare.’

3. Make a Purchase Online: There are people, who should, but don’t know how to buy on the internet, especially in my part of the world. In spite of the phobia you may have (thanks to internet fraud or scams), you can make secure online transactions. For those who are just disinterested. Do yourself a favour, get up to speed. You’ll find it helpful & convenient. There is no use swimming against the tide with this one.

car blue washing sponge yellow t Hand

4. Wash a Car: Like changing tyres this is not only for owners. This may seem like a task that does not need to be learnt. If you go by assumption you could end up spending more time, water and soap than you should. Trust me I know. Worse still, you can end up with scratches on the car. But it doesn’t take much to get it right.

5. Sew on a Button: This can be a lifesaver when you suddenly find a button hang loose or come of the clothe you are about to wear for an event. Especially, when there is no substitute or you just have to wear that shirt or dress. Yes this is a no-brainer? But try sewing on a button if you’ve never done it before.

tie striped purple a wearing suit striped blue in Man

6. Tie the Knot Knot a Tie: Do you need another person to knot your tie? Do you keep your tie knotted even when you are not wearing it? If your answer is yes to both questions then you really need to take out time to learn to knot a tie. So you don’t keep wearing a knotted tie for so long the knot is dirty from handling. If you wear the tie learn to knot the tie.

7. Something for Breakfast: This goes especially to the single guys. Not excluding fathers. Some cannot fry an egg, even if their life depends upon on it. Your breakfast must not consist only of finished products bought from the shop or vendor, all of the time. You can enjoy the ‘luxury’ of variety by learning to whip up simple things like sandwich, omelette, scrambled eggs, egg sauce, pap, pancake etc. For me, the next on my list of simple things to learn is pancake.

8. Start a Blog: Yes, this has to make the list. I know blogs abound, over 600 million currently. However, that is not an excuse to not blog. Especially, if you have an idea bubbling and begging to be shared with the world. You can start a blog in under a day. Spoiler Alert: It takes time to build a successful blog. But like they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins a step.

Simple things can make a big difference.

These are simple things. You are probably thinking learning them is not a big deal. Simple things may seem unnecessary, until they become necessary. Then they make a big difference.

Yes people (loved ones, friends, even Service providers) may be available to help out with these tasks. But what happens when you are all by yourself?

Make the most of your day. Learn one simple thing today.

The list is not exhaustive. Far from it. What will you add?

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