Living Right, In Time

Is today a gift, an encouragement to be or do better? Is every moment you spend alive an opportunity to do right?

Yes! As our lives unfold, as each day comes around, we are not to remain unchanged. That is the idea of this poem.


In and out, like the tide
Our days, without a break in stride,
Leave to never come around.
So that we are always by time, bound.
Still every moment can be filled with meaning,
When every gesture, every effort and hustle
Whether big or small, significant or not,
Is a strive to be better, for oneself and others;
A strive to bless, one and all.
Since time takes flight,
Use every moment to live right.

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7 thoughts on “Living Right, In Time

  1. Maximizing time simply means, knowing the giver, why he gives and to what end. For us to ‘Live Right’ those questions must be answered based on God’s perspective of time! Youths need this most…


  2. Living Right is summed up in living for others by making impact by being a voice for the voiceless by doing the little seemingly impossible things that glorify God. This is my summary of living right. God help me!!!


  3. A strive to be better, for oneself and others. May God help me.
    Thanks sir for sharing


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