How to Become a CEO: one book at a time.

I am on my way to becoming a CEO! Not because of entrepreneurial efforts or growing a startup. I am on the path to becoming CEO because I read 30 books in 2020. Based on personal testimonies, it is said the average CEO reads 4-5 books monthly. That is 48-60 books a year.

Now you know the basis of my claim.

For 2021 I upped my reading game a bit. My goal is to read 36 books-three books monthly. I am worming my way through 36 books this year the way I did 30 books last year. One page at a time; one book at a time.

You can do it, even more. How? Simply make a commitment to read regularly.

Writers write, right? So a booklover reads. People become writers by writing. You can only become a booklover by reading.

Read, during scheduled times as well as when random brief moments present themselves.; …whether you feel like cracking a book open or not; whether you flip a page or prefer to swipe your screen. Read. If you end up reading just a couple of lines, that’s great. If you have to buy or borrow the book, that’s fine. Just read.

One page at a time; one book at a time, you may be on your way to becoming a CEO.

How regularly do you read?

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