The Best Way to Start Off Your Day

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It is wrong to start your day when you wake up in the morning. The right time to start your day is the previous day.

For most people the day kicks off when they wake up in the morning, or get out of bed. Unfortunately, we can’t make the most of our day this way.

The best way is to start your day before the day. Actually, it is not about when you start the day, but about what you do in preparation for the day. Like any task or endeavour, being ready for your day before it starts is critical for success.

Here are 5 Little Things you can do to start your day right:

1. Go to Bed Early: ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is not a counsel just for children. It is a fact that is true for all. One sure way to mess up your day is to wake up later than you plan/should. If you rely on an alarm to wake up, always ensure the time is set and the device charged.

2. Gear Up Physically Long Before Your Spiritual Exercise: This is the first and most important of my morning ritual. Reading and meditation using the Bible, as well as praying sets the tone for my day. I get ready for this by keeping my Bible, devotional material in plain view beside my bed. If you use a Bible on your phone and/or listen to music make sure it is charged. I also ensure my earpiece is handy.

3. Gear Up for Your Morning Workout Before Bed: If you exercise (which you should), lay out your workout gear (clothes, shoes, socks etc) and any item you need for exercise. This will keep you from wasting time looking for them when you should be sweating it out. I have exercised for a shorter time or missed workouts entirely, looking for my earphones or pair of socks. When it is comfortable there are days I wear my workout clothes to bed so I don’t have to look for them.

4. Get Dressed Before You Need to Get Dressed: Do this by deciding, the day before, what to wear. Ensure clothes and shoes are clean, ironed, polished, and are where they should be. If you keep track of how you spend your time, you will be surprised by how much time is spent wasted deciding what to wear to work or school. There are times I showed up at work or a meeting late and/or not as properly dressed as I would like..

5. Get Kids Ready for School Before They Wake Up: For parents, the task of preparing kids for school can mess up your morning and day, if you don’t plan ahead. Avoid the nightmare by ensuring uniforms, books & bags are ready and placed where they should be, the previous night. Decide on and ensure availability of food/snacks children will take to school.

For the best shot at making the most of your day, the best time to start the day is the previous day. These five things above have the potential to set you up for a great day. Adopt them one at a time as is relevant to your reality.

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