3 Steps to Create Time to Get Things Done

To do anything worthwhile, the chief struggle people face is insufficient time. That’s not true. Actually the chief struggle is creating time. Not as in increasing the amount of time, rather it is the setting aside of time to to do that which is worthwhile.

The year is almost spent. It is likely that you are not on track to achieving most of what you set out to on January 1. Sunrise became sunset, sunset became sunrise, and eleven months later you are no farther from where you took off. It is not that you are clueless about how to get things done. The struggle really is more about creating or setting out time to get things done.

I have learnt, the hard way, that I must create time for anything I deem worthwhile. Nothing just happens. You must create the time. Some out there are getting things done – solving problems and achieving their dreams. They are everyday people. They have 24 hours a day, just like you and me.

Nothing just happens. You must create the time.

How To Create Time

To create time,

  • Set priorities. All the things that demand your time cannot be equally important. Identify the high value and low value activities. Without identified priorities there is no clarity on what is most important. What will you allot time to and maintain focus on?
  • Allot time. Keith Webb said, “What gets scheduled gets done.” I agree. If it is important carve out time for it. And if for any reason I don’t get an important task done, I set aside more time to keep at it till it gets done. When priorities are identified but aren’t scheduled achievement will hard and elusive.
  • Focus. Stick to the one thing (or few things) that are top priority, or critical to the achievement of your goals. Things get done when you follow through. It is impossible to focus on or stick to unclear and unscheduled priorities.

These steps form a three-stage relay – set priorities, allot time and focus. One leads to the other in that order.

Let’s say want to set priorities for your evening, the time after dinner before you retire for the day. During this time you could watch TV, listen to music, be on social media, read a book. To create time for a high value activity that relates to personal development, you could:

  • Set a priority by choosing to read a book, and decide on the book before the reading time.
  • Allot 45 minutes for this, to start reading at 8:00PM
  • Follow through by picking and reading the book.

Setting and sticking to priorities takes discipline, but gradually the habit will be formed.

Brian Tracy in his book, No Excuses, captured it well when he wrote, “The essence of time management is for you to discipline yourself to set clear priorities—and then stick to those priorities.”

Remember, nothing just happens. You must create the time.

How do you create time for the things that are important to you? Please share in the comments.

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