Cleavage, a Most Important Responsibility of Men

A man’s biggest and most important responsibility has to do with cleavage.

The mention of the word cleavage mostly concerns the chest or breasts of a woman. Or more specifically, it refers to the furrow between the breasts of a woman. No thanks to how increasingly revealing people dress today. That’s not what this piece refers to. Actually, I am talking about marriage.

Yes! Marriage!

The word cleavage is derived from the word cleave, which has two opposite meanings. On one hand, it means split, severe, or separate. On the other hand, it means to cling to, to adhere closely, or to remain faithful.

Take the latter meaning of cleavage, to adhere closely or remain faithful, add the suffix –age, you have the word cleavage meaning, the act of, or state of sticking with, or adhering closely or remaining faithful to something or someone. This is a great description of marriage, or the commitment of marriage. 

So why is marriage a man’s most important responsibility?

I believe a man can, and should have a significant impact on his marriage and family. I believe a man’s biggest and most significant impact should be at home. That should be every man’s life goal. I agree with Joshua & Christi Straub who encourage and help couples to be famous at home, “because the greatest red carpet you’ll ever walk, is through your front door.”

Home is where life matters most.

Home is where life matters most.

There is a general notion that there exists a scarcity of authentic men; a dearth of husbands and fathers who lead well at home.

Whether you agree or not, the need for men to step up and be men, especially at home, is a real need. Many men are not doing marriage right – some because they don’t know how; others simply don’t want to. Many husbands and fathers today were underprepared, or worse, not prepared for marriage and fatherhood. Sadly, many single and engaged guys are treading the same path.

Men, real men, are critical, to the survival of marriages and the society.

James Dobson, one of America’s foremost authorities and spokesmen on family and marriage matters, in his book Straight Talk to Men, said, “I believe with everything within me, that husbands hold the keys to the preservation of the family.” Absolutely! If you are a man reading this, a lot depends on you; a lot is at stake, more than you know, regarding the choices you make as a husband and father.

Dobson further asserted, “If America is going to survive the incredible stresses and dangers it now faces, it will be because husbands and fathers again place their families at the highest level on their system of priorities, reserving a portion of their time and energy for leadership within their homes!” He made this statement about America in 1984. But the same is relevant for Nigeria today, and any other nation or society.

Men, real men, are critical, to the survival of marriages and the society.

Men, we must rouse ourselves from the numbing state of sleep and inaction, strip off the passivity that emasculates us, and step up to assume our God-ordained roles as leaders – intentional husbands and fathers – in our homes.

Nothing less is demanded. Nothing less is expected.

Also, It is imperative to help young single men become, and young husbands and fathers to step up to be, men who live out their roles with intention; men whose most important relationships are with their wives and children; men who lead by serving.

That is my aim.

A penny for your thought. What's your take on this?

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