Yet Another Change, For Men

Life teaches you change is inevitable. Some changes happen to you, some are forced on you. Others you initiate, in response to dissatisfaction or the desire for improvement.

Since I started blogging I have had to change things: focus, name, theme and design, domain and platform.

One change that was forced on me was the move from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger came up with a requirement that was unfavourable to blogs that weren’t self-hosted. I was forced to move elsewhere.

Since I moved to WordPress my blog has gone through a couple of related changes. The following header images show some of the changes.

I changed from sharing Words of Wisdom & Love. to writing about truth that inspire authentic living.

Then a related change of design and a finetuned message for young people..

After which I moved to writing about little changes that cause significant impact in a person’s life.

Then I dabbled into podcasting, still talking about little changes that cause major impact in a person’s life.

With the podcast, now my focus is helping young men – both single and married – be intentional husbands and fathers.

The latest change is a major one – complete move to a different niche and target audience. I no longer write and speak about little personal changes that brings the most impact in a person’s life.

Currently, my focus is helping the married, especially men, to win at home by making their most important relationships the one with their spouses and children. My podcast, which has the same focus has changed name from Little Tips to the Cleavage. See the previous blog post for an understanding of my context of the word, Cleavage.

More specifically, my target audience is young couples/ spouses who have been married for not more than ten years. However, Those who have been married for longer will find my content relevant.

This change is informed by the fact that my work for about three years now, involves helping married people build thriving families and intending couples prepare for the lifetime commitment of marriage.

Over and over again, I see that most marital problems are related more to the husband/father’s inability to love and lead well at home. Many a man sacrifice winning at home for winning in other areas of life. As a result, many men are failing to step up to be the leaders they ought to be.

Most marital problems are related more to the husband/father’s inability to love and lead well at home.

Some don’t know how. Others simply don’t care. So I want to help.

I am intentionally learning how to lead and love in my own home; and I care that others do the same.

Hence, the change on my blog and podcast.

I am hopeful this change will see me helping many couples and spouses change from being clueless or passive about marriage to being effective and intentional at home. I am passionate about this.

Win at home. That is where it matters most.

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