Muse-worthy Quote: Attractive, by Darkness

Darkness is unsettling and scary. No one, young or old, wants to be enveloped in its chilling embrace. Everything we understand about it, and attribute to it is negative.

Can anything good come out of the dark?


  • Boldness is birth in the dark.
  • The other senses you ignore and under-use become fully functional in the dark.
  • Light, is made visible and more attractive by darkness.
  • It is unmistakable in the dark.
  • Nobody takes light for granted, in the dark.

You may be in dark place of fear, pain, loss, failure, divorce etc. right now, it can be a chance to shine brighter than you have ever shone, and be enviable; a place to refocus and get your priorities right.


Muse-worthy Quote: Acceptance & Rejection

‘If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.’

– Lecrae Moore, Unashamed.

This quote is from the introductory chapter of my favorite rap artiste, Lecrae’s audiobook, Unashamed. I gleaned the following from musing on that quote.

  • Immunity to the crave of people’s acceptance is very difficult to achieve. The lure of fame and popularity is relentless. It is a daunting task to refuse to take the bait. When you are reeled in you are sold for life.
  • Man’s acceptance is merciless. Let the sorely disappointed lives and crushed spirits it leaves behind in its wake deter you from chasing the wind of fame and popularity. It is self-delusion to think you will fare better.
  • It is okay to be famous and endorsed. It is an asset. However, do not allow yourself be defined by another’s acceptance of you. People change, our views don’t always remain the same. So what happens when you are stripped of the acceptance by which you have defined yourself?
  • Immunity from the lure to mold ourselves by people’s acceptance and opinion of us possible. You can do without yearning for people’s acceptance.

To make the most of everyday, for the rest of your life, you must get your identity right. It should not stem from fickle and temporary things.

Do not allow yourself be defined by another’s opinion of you. People change, our views don’t always remain the same.

Have you experienced rejection before? How did you respond to it?

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The Wine You Should Always Be Drunk With

It is okay to, not just drive under the influence, but to live life under the influence. Really. I say this in agreement to Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet who advised:

Gratitude is the wine of the soul. Go on. Get drunk.

– Rumi

You see why I say it is okay to live under the influence.

With this wine it is okay to stay drunk. Don’t just treat yourself to occasional draughts or forced sips. But regular, continued drinks. I bet you will find it very rewarding.

No hangovers, with headaches, vomits or blackouts. No regrets. Nothing to lose.

You can be grateful. Even if you think you are ‘wired’ to see the glass as half empty.

Gratitude is from the Latin word gratus, which means thankful. However, my mind also recognises it as a coinage from ‘great attitude‘.

Check out the two infographics below to see the benefits of this great attitude.

I believe you can see that you have reasons to be grateful.

I have many reasons to be grateful to God. My health, wife, three children, vocation, parents and siblings (in-laws inclusive), my country Nigeria (things could have been worse), needs (yes the things I lack), on and on and on.

What one thing are you grateful for today?