A Clay Prays


How do you see yourself? For those who believe in God, as clay is to a potter, so a person’s life is to God.

How you see yourself informs your outlook on life. Your choices, passions, efforts and energies, investments and commitments are all hinged on your perspective of you.

Zig Ziglar rightly said, “You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” A lump of clay, will not refuse to submit to the transforming hands of the Potter who is shaping it.

The following piece lets you in on how I see myself. My earnest prayer and lifelong desire is expressed in this poem.

Dear Potter,
I acknowledge today.
I am, an ordinary lump of clay.
Take me in your hands, I pray,
For there I’m willing to stay,
or sin my life will slay.

Loving Potter,
Mould me everyday.
Help keep sin at bay,
Because my life it will fray.
No longer do I want to stray,
doing what I may.

Merciful Potter,
Your grace on me do spray.
For I long to live your way,
And be fulfilled when am gray.
So when I die someday,
I won’t be a castaway.

The perspective of life as a lump of clay in the hands of the Potter may seem stifling. Ironically, that is where you will find release to reach your full potential. True freedom lies in the hands of the Potter.

How do you see yourself?


Living Right, In Time


It goes round and comes around.
Our days are fleeting and by time, bound.
Every moment can be filled with meaning,
When every gesture and hustle, simple or significant, is,
A strive to be better, for oneself and others;;
A strive to bless, one and all.
Yet these efforts
Are only truly meaningful
When it is offered by a life
That is transparent and authentic –
Constant, in private or public.
Time goes round, my birthday comes around.
My days are fleeting, so to authentic living, I am bound.

The above is an expression of the life I am striving to live. An authentic and meaningful life, that is unselfish and people-centered,

God helping me.

This, I believe,  is what living right is all about.

What kind of life you will you like to live? Kindly describe.

I Am…


The statement, ‘I am…’, can be completed with innumerable descriptions, titles, adjectives etc. Unfortunately, this is not an indication that our sense of identity is right.

To complete the statement I would say, I am…a follower of Jesus Christ.

The following piece is an attempt to describe the identity of a follower of Jesus.

I may be a celebrity:
Or, live my life in obscurity.
But I’m celebrated by God’s angels.

I may own Fortune 500 stocks;
Or, earn so little I can’t save bucks.
Yet I own stocks of immeasurable worth.

I may be heir to a huge bequest;
Or, heir to nothing but family requests
With Christ I’m co-heir, to enduring wealth.

Fame and popularity may be mine;
Or, my description may be ‘everyday man’
What matters is, God knew me before creation.

I may be beloved and fit into the world’s mould;
Or, the tag of ‘world’s most disliked’ I hold.
His love for me is better than life.

How would you complete the statement, ‘I am…?