I Am…


The statement, ‘I am…’, can be completed with innumerable descriptions, titles, adjectives etc. Unfortunately, this is not an indication that our sense of identity is right.

To complete the statement I would say, I am…a follower of Jesus Christ.

The following piece is an attempt to describe the identity of a follower of Jesus.

I may be a celebrity:
Or, live my life in obscurity.
But I’m celebrated by God’s angels.

I may own Fortune 500 stocks;
Or, earn so little I can’t save bucks.
Yet I own stocks of immeasurable worth.

I may be heir to a huge bequest;
Or, heir to nothing but family requests
With Christ I’m co-heir, to enduring wealth.

Fame and popularity may be mine;
Or, my description may be ‘everyday man’
What matters is, God knew me before creation.

I may be beloved and fit into the world’s mould;
Or, the tag of ‘world’s most disliked’ I hold.
His love for me is better than life.

How would you complete the statement, ‘I am…?


Hands Spread Out


I spread out my hands to you,
Messed up, muddied, shamed.
In need of acceptance; for keeps,
Your grace I embrace.

I spread out my hands,
Weary, weakened and helpless.
Folly spurned; self-love shunned,
Your help I choose.

I spread out my hands to you,
Graced, freed and blessed.
My spirit saved; my cross I take,
Your life I live.

I spread out my hands,
Kneeling, willing and waiting.
For your stirring; your prompting,
Your guidance I trust.

This piece was inspired by Psalm 143 (particularly the sixth verse), about a decade ago. Today, I find it more relevant. The psalm is a prayer to God for deliverance and divine leading in difficult times.

In the face of political turmoil, biting economic hardship, senseless acts of terrorism and blurred lines of truth and morality, our need for God, and His intervention has never been more critical.

These issues pose huge challenges for leadership on a global scale, and have serious implications for the individual and the families they belong to.

To ask God, with outstretched hands,  for deliverance and direction in a time like this is the right thing to do. If the current realities of today do not drive us to God, in unreserved surrender and dependence, I don’t know what will.

How are you dealing with the challenges you are facing today? Share in the comments.

Time Ab(use)

An asset constantly abused.
No resource more wasted,
On pleasures – food, parties and sex;
On pursuits – fame, power and money.

For no one it waits.
Yet we live as if it does.
Tick, tock, tick, the moment is gone,
Absolutely irrecoverable.
The months, years you think you’ll have
Are seeping away today.

Live today,
Gainfully employing time,
To do that which you keep putting off.
Read, visit, pray, think, teach, blog…
Whatever you do, seek to
Serve, not yourself, but others.

The hours rush by,
Sunrise, sunset switch places in the sky,
Moments become years as time ebbs.
‘Tomorrow I will do it’, you say,
In delusion you lose today forever.
‘Why not Now?’

‘One day, or day one,
You decide.’

What is one thing you should do, but have been putting off?