Time Flies

It’s July already!

January was just yesterday. Time flies.

In retrospect, I am reminded of how with our choices, we use or abuse this indispensable gift, time.

With the poem below, I describe my life at different times. Like day and night, I have experienced both parts of the poem repeatedly.

My resolve is to live out the second part, consistently.


Tick, tock, tick, tock…

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Desires of A Father

I am a father again! I am so thrilled, yet terrified.

Thrilled at the miracle and wonder of conception, pregnancy and childbirth; terrified at the responsibility of being father to four children.

This mix of opposite emotions plagued me thirty seven days ago as I held our fourth child in my arms. Once again the possibility that I may fail as a father filled me with dread.

Will I succeed at parenting?

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Muse-worthy Quote: Looking Backward

It is beneficial to look backward. Because the passage of time can give better perspective to a past occurrence.

Look backward, not to reminisce, to retrospect.

With reminiscence you only recollect the past. Retrospection helps you review things that have happened.

In retrospect, you can glean information to forge ahead.

I couldn’t agree more with Jim Denison, for a path forward, look backward.

To make the most of your day, make introspection a habit.

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