Little Tips is about giving you tips that nudge you to make minor changes for major impact. On the podcast I am big on sweating the small stuff – the small stuff that matter.

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EP #3 Time is Sufficient Little Tips

Yes! Time is sufficient! Most people though, live and make decisions as if it isn't. In this episode, I try to convince that you and I have enough time to get done all the things we find important. I hope my brief commentaries on ten 'Time' quotes will carve on your mind the truth that time is sufficient. The quotes include Harvey Mackay, Alan Lakein, Zig Ziglar, Lao Tzu, John Meese, Tim Ferris, a Spanish proverb, Art Buchwald, J.F. Kennedy, and Michael Altshuler's. Enjoy!
  1. EP #3 Time is Sufficient
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  3. EP #1 The Best Way to Start Your Day
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