Muse-worthy Quote: Mobile Destination

Are you focused? Are your everyday choices guided by values that stem from deep convictions? If your answer to both questions is yes, it is likely that you know what you want, and know where you are going. Then your destination will not be mobile.

Living without values and convictions, results to lack of focus. There can be no focus when what you want is constantly changing. It is like going on a journey where you keep changing your destination everyday. You will never arrive.

Sadly, many of us live out our their days travelling life to a mobile destination.

Celebrate the Celebrant

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The feeling is in the air; the mood is becoming increasingly palpable, as the excitement and anticipation of yuletide festivities heightens. With five days to go, schools are closed, TV and radio abound with programs with Christmas themes, jingles and adverts screaming Christmas splashes and bonanzas seem to have monopoly of the airwaves; holiday plans are already been executed or revised. The festive cheer is so infectious that I have set this blog to show snowfall (I believe you have noticed). Everything feels and smells ‘christmassy’!

Sadly, the response to this momentous commemoration usually erodes, rather than reflect, the season’s significance. Characteristically, unwise choices reign – expenses and debts are either been incurred or contemplated; immoral pleasure and merriment is commonplace; everyone, both adults and kids, are bent on donning the current fashion trends. While the world, which is becoming more secular and atheistic, is doing its best to kill the significance of Christmas, Christians who should know better celebrate it like existentialists and hedonists. In the face of such serious threat, we choose to shift our spiritual gear to neutral. I wonder why.

Pause, look inwards. A little introspection won’t hurt. Does your plan for Christmas reflect the significance of Jesus’ virgin birth or detract from it? Christmas is the commemoration of God’s gift of joy to the world. Joy because God chose to dwell among men in the person of Jesus Christ, with the purpose to save mankind from sin. The right response to this undeserved gift is to give ourselves and/ or resources to bless another.

You can visit an orphanage, hospital or prison, get gifts for a fatherless family, donate blood, participate in a missions outreach effort, organize activities to teach kids (yours and/ or your neigbours’) the meaning and significance of the season, tell another person about Jesus etc. For instance, a friend is admirably, helping to raise funds so that about 5, 000 persons, internally displaced by the mindless Boko Haram terrorist group in north-eastern Nigeria will have a decent meal at christmas. See details here Better still, ask the Celebrant what He will have you do.

You will not only give joy, you will experience joy!

Since Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday, it is only right for you to celebrate to please the Celebrant.

What’s your plan for Christmas?