Man Enough!

Man Enough! 2

Yee ha! I made it into the ‘Man Enough’ Hall of Fame!

Last February, I was in this cosy and classy restaurant, where I had lunch with a senior colleague. I have noticed the management of the place have a bias for cool jazz, and rhythm and blues songs (I’ve been there twice before). This gives the place a relaxed ambience that endeared me, an incurable romantic, to the place.

On this particular day, Toni Braxton was crooning the song that won her her fourth Grammy, ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me.’ I was taken down memory lane to my first two years as an undergraduate, where singing and listening, sleeping, and even reading to such music was like breathing. For the first time I decided to seriously consider the lyrics of the song.

As I mused on the words of Toni, I asked myself, ‘Am I man enough for my wife and boy?’ How will Njeb, my wife, respond to the question, ‘Is your husband man enough for you?’

My brief voyage of musing ended with a resolve to pose the question to Njeb.

Two days later, when I got home from work, not without some reluctance, I mustered courage and popped the question. A question so important, yet I wish I do not have to ask it.

My wife, sensing my emotional tension and enjoying the moment, mercilessly delayed her answer by responding, ‘Why are you asking?’ I answered, with a smile that I can hardly feel, ‘I need to know.’ After what seemed liked an hour (actually several seconds), her face looking serious and my breath held, she said, ‘Gem, you are man enough for me!’

Oh my! The wave of relief that washed over me was indescribable. This is a huge compliment! No! It’s more than a compliment, considering the dearth of true manhood (husbands and fathers) these days. That moment has been added to my collection of most memorable moments.

Toni Braxton sang that she broke up with her man because he was not man enough for her; I rejoice that I am with my woman who believes I am man enough for her, and will continue to be.

I am so pleased and honoured to be in the ‘Man Enough’ Hall of Fame! My wife’s ‘Man Enough’ Hall of Fame!

Let me quickly add that I am man enough, not because I am the perfect specimen of manhood.

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