Time Flies, But…

It’s July already!

January was just yesterday. Time flies.

In retrospect, I am reminded of how with our choices, we use or abuse this indispensable gift, time.

With the poem below, I describe my life at different times. Like day and night, I have experienced both parts of the poem repeatedly. But I am undaunted. My resolve is to live out the second part, consistently.

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Muse-worthy Quote: A Lesson From Flowers

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.
– Zen Shin

The Delusion of ‘When I Have the Time’

To do anything worthwhile, the chief struggle people face is finding enough time. Maybe you can identify. I sure can.

The fact stated above brings to mind my blog.

Oh my blog.

If you were a baby you would have been dead, from starvation and neglect. The lack of vital nutrition from new posts would have nipped your life. I did not give you even the chance to regurgitate and enjoy the benefits of republished posts.

It’s been a hundred days! All I have to show is a couple of drafts that seemed worthwhile at the time. Though promising, turning them into posts seems so daunting.

Why won’t you be stunted.

But for the random visits and occasional comments you would have passed for dead. These flickers of life reflected on the stats page tell the tale, not of your resilience, but of your ebbing life. Thankfully though, it’s not all flatlines.

I have denied you the opportunity to grow – with fourteen missed meals!

You are dying. Because I am not writing.

You see I have been striving lately to make the most of my time everyday. My efforts seem futile. One of the things that suffer is my blogging.  I am so busy I keep saying, when I have the time.

As expressed above, it’s been 100 days since my last post. In that time I missed fourteen blog posts – I blog once a week. In reality, this is me passing up the chance to improve as a creative, and the priviledge to achieve my goal – inspire people to personal development and authentic living.

I love to write. I have a message. Writing is the outlet; this blog a platform. But why is it so hard to do that which one believes with a strong conviction is worthwhile?

With some introspection I realise my bane is procrastination, fed fat by the delusion of lack of time NOW. I kept saying, ‘When I have the time.’ Day in, day out.

Two people bolstered me into action. Their statements roused me from the mind-numbing, continuous chant of ‘When I have the time’.

John Meese from Platform University said, “The future is really busy. That time you think you are going to have … well, it will only exist if you create it.”

A friend posted on Instagram,


In spite of the reality that there is so much demand on my time I keep putting off blogging, I resolved once again to create the time I need to blog. Quitting is not an option. Since making a difference with my writing and blogging is very important, I have moved it up my list of priorities.

And this post was born.

I have always known that I must create time for anything I deem worthwhile, but like Steve Covey said, ‘Common sense is not common practice.’

It is most likely you are also struggling to find time to do something you desire – work out, write a book/ read books, start a blog etc. You must create the time. Many out there are getting things done and achieving their dreams. They have 24 hours in a day, just like you and me.

“The future is really busy. That time you think you are going to have … well, it will only exist if you create it.”

Prioritise. All the things that demand your time cannot be equally important. Focus on the one thing, or few things that are most important to you. Set aside time and get it done. You may fail at it. More than once. But don’t be tired of failing. Don’t quit!

It won’t be easy. But it is possible.

Have you experienced the ‘when I have time’ trap? How did you escape from it? Share in the comments.