Like Eden

Recently, I gained a new perspective about myself.


I’m a lot like Eden. Yes, I am referring to the location of the biblical garden of God. Remember Adam and Eve? Yes, that Eden.

Just like Eden, I am:

  • God’s handiwork, a masterful and inimitable product of the creator of the universe. I am not a myth – Eden, contrary to what skeptics believe, was not a myth. It was a real place; I am a real person. Aptly, my parents named me Jenom, meaning, God’s wonder, in my language (Hyam)
  • Well-watered, and amply supplied. In spite of the things I want, I’ve got all I need at any point in time. I guess David had this insight when he wrote the 23rd Psalm of the Bible (see first verse).
  • Host to a garden. My heart is a garden planted by God and given to me to tend and keep in order. The state of this garden is very critical. It’s the hub, God’s focal point – it is where He ‘meets’ and connects with me ‘in the cool of evening’. It is the place where the choice for good or evil is determined. When I became a Christian, this is the part of me that was changed, completely transformed. The extent of my  love for, and devotion to God is determined by the condition of my heart. For this reason I must, ‘above all else, guard my heart, for everything… flows from it.’ (Proverbs4:23)The heart is your most important tool to navigate life. Read more about this in a previous post (click here to read it).I cannot afford to let in the garbage that spawns the delusion that I should be in charge of me. I can only be in charge of me under God. Anything contrary will be a fiasco.
  • Not a lone-ranger, in carrying out my responsibility of tending to my heart. From my wife, to people I have never met, but whose life and books I have read, I have never lacked people who have made, and are still making invaluable contributions to helping me keep my heart in order. You don’t have to go the distance alone. Navigating life is your personal responsibility, but it is not meant to be a solo affair. The input and support of others is a necessary part of the adventure.

Navigating life is your personal responsibility, but it is not meant to be a solo affair.

What do you think? Kindly share your thoughts.

Your Most Important Tool

Hmmm…most important tool? What could it be? Is it my car? Could it be your handy, app-filled smartphone or tablet. Or your always dependable PC?

Probably, it is your savvy, user-friendly app that make you seem smart and organised. If you are an athlete, maybe it is your hands and/or legs, or your bat, racket, or club.

Like it is for many, it could be money.

My most important tool is my HEART!

The same goes for everyone. Whether you accept it or not. Yes, your most important tool is your heart. It is life’s most valuable tool.

Why is that?

The sage, Solomon David said, ‘Above all else guard your heart it is the wellspring of life.’ (Proverbs 4:23)

This means the outflow of your life is from your heart. Literally, your heart is the source of your life. If a spring is muddied or contaminated from the source, that will be state of the water wherever it flows to.

The condition of your heart determines the quality of your life.

Your choices and actions are a reflection of the state of your heart.

I can understand why the phrase, ‘the heart of the matter’ is used to refer to the main/ central issue in a matter. Another phrase, ‘heart to heart’ is used to refer to candour and sincerity.

Consequently, the need to guard your heart is imperative. It is a must-do! You neglect your heart at your own peril.

Also, guard your heart because…

    • …only the pure in heart will see God (Matthew 5:8)
    • …God, by His Spirit, has poured out His love into it (Romans 5:5). Keep it going.
    • …God wants you to love Him with all of it (Mark 12:30)
    • …God has it, but Satan still wants it.

How can one guard his/ her heart?