Time Flies, But…

It’s July already!

January was just yesterday. Time flies.

In retrospect, I am reminded of how with our choices, we use or abuse this indispensable gift, time.

With the poem below, I describe my life at different times. Like day and night, I have experienced both parts of the poem repeatedly. But I am undaunted. My resolve is to live out the second part, consistently.

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Time Ab(use)

An asset constantly abused.
No resource more wasted,
On pleasures – food, parties and sex;
On pursuits – fame, power and money.

For no one it waits.
Yet we live as if it does.
Tick, tock, tick, the moment is gone,
Absolutely irrecoverable.
The months, years you think you’ll have
Are seeping away today.

Live today,
Gainfully employing time,
To do that which you keep putting off.
Read, visit, pray, think, teach, blog…
Whatever you do, seek to
Serve, not yourself, but others.

The hours rush by,
Sunrise, sunset switch places in the sky,
Moments become years as time ebbs.
‘Tomorrow I will do it’, you say,
In delusion you lose today forever.
‘Why not Now?’

‘One day, or day one,
You decide.’

What is one thing you should do, but have been putting off?

Not Enough Time

Finding enough time to do what we desire is a struggle that everyone grapples with. There are times when we seem to be literally racing against time. I sure can relate.

A few weeks back, I visited the blog of someone who had followed me on twitter. His latest post was about a month old. I snorted. Later I remembered that my last blog post was over one month old. I was so ashamed of myself. The pot calling the kettle black.

Today my last post is eight one days old! Can you believe that? With a goal of one post per week, I have failed to post eleven times since February 26th. Worse still I have failed my subscribers eleven times. There is no telling how many people I would have inspired and encouraged to live authentic lives by choosing truth.

If you ask me I don’t know how I allowed such a long time to go by before I made this post. All I can say is I didn’t have enough time to sit and write. More appropriately, I did not make time to blog.

Thankfully, I stumbled on a post by one of my online mentors, Michael Hyatt, aptly titled, How To Blog if You Don’t Have the Time. In this post, he shared seven strategies for maximizing time. I found strategies 1, 2, 6 and 7 especially helpful. I gleaned that:

  • ‘Nobody has more time than anyone else. We just have different commitments and demands on the time we have.’
  • Whatever I don’t schedule, I am indirectly cancelling. Failure to schedule is tantamount to cancelling. In other words ‘What gets scheduled gets done.’
  • Always having a notebook handy to capture post ideas will keep me from starting to write from scratch.
  • Working with a post template saves time.
  • Blogging consistently is essential to building my platform.

From the above, it is obvious what I have resolved to do. Right now I have set aside three hours per week (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays) to work on my blog; I have two notebooks, paper and electronic on my phone, to capture ideas; and I have a rough sketch template I intend to brush up over time.

Hopefully, I can resume and be consistent with my routine of one post per week, and watch my platform grow.

Do you have any ideas to share for maximizing time or blogging consistently? Please comment.