Living Right, In Time

Is Today is a gift, an encouragement to be better? Is every moment you spend alive an opportunity to do right?

Yes! As our lives unfold, as a new day comes around, we are not to remain unchanged. That is the idea of this poem. Enjoy.

Our days goes round and comes around.
They are fleeting and by time, bound.
Every moment can be filled with meaning,
When every gesture and hustle,
Simple or significant is,
A strive to be better, for oneself and others;
A strive to bless, one and all.
Yet such selflessness
Can only be truly meaningful
When it is offered
With candour unreserved,
By a life true and authentic -
Constant, in private or public.
Since time takes flight,
Use every moment to live right.

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Seizing the Present

As the saying goes, ‘What goes around comes around.’

In relation to time, seasons come and go: the sun rises, sets and rises only to set again, and our birthdays and anniversaries come and go. Unfortunately, this recurrence does not mean the restoration of spent time. Actually, it is an indication of the swift passage of time. A tell-tale sign we often ignore. 

Today, we live in a fast-paced world. Everything, powered by technology, is increasingly becoming instant. For instance:

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